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Skin Booster Lacto-Glucan Intense Lifting Mask

Skin Booster Lacto-Glucan Intense Lifting Mask

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Glucan biopolymer with its innovative 3D molecular structure and interlinked glycopolymers enable an instant lifting effect. The ingredients envelop skin like an invisible film and work like a mini lifting. The “second-skin” effect causes a light feeling of tightness remaining over hours. Skin looks visibly firmed, contoured and plumped up.

To Use: Apply a concentrate after cleansing and work in thoroughly. If skin is very dry, apply an additional skincare and massage in gently. Apply a thin coat of the mask and let it dry. Optionally, apply a tinted care or a makeup afterwards.

Key Ingredients: Paracress Extract, Algae Extract
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Suitable For: Mature Skin

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