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About Us

Biodroga is a premium cosmetics brand that combines the most noble ingredients with high-tech components. We offer a comprehensive product line up that covers all skin concerns for women as well as men. As of today, Biodroga products are distributed globally in more than 60 countries. Our reputation for quality skincare and service has helped us gain trust from over 7,000 prestigious beauty institutes and spas around the world.

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What Makes Us Special?

We pool our energy and knowledge from experts in science and cosmetics to develop honest products and holistic treatments for beauty institutes, stores and homes. This is how we make our contribution to individual well-being and natural radiance. We put our work at the service of truthful beauty. Because your skin deserves only the best.

Made in Schwarzwald

Made By & For Professionals

Made Clear

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Our Values

Since 1959, we have been united by the belief in true beauty – a concept far away from exaggerated beauty ideals. It is created by authenticity, self-confidence and the personal claim to feel comfortable in one‘s skin. We have amazing people who work for, work with and work behind the brand to protect the integrity of our products and treatments.

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Our Attitude

We believe that our concept of true beauty can only be realized through sincere action. That's why our unique care experiences are always created with responsibility, quality, transparency and well-being in mind. We select ingredients with exceptional care and we deliberately refrain from using any unnecessary additives in our products.

Reduced to the essentials – for people & the environment

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In-House R&D

Every Biodroga product is researched, developed and manufactured in our own laboratories and production facilities in Baden-Baden, Germany. Our in-house Research & Development Department designs products taking into account the latest scientific discoveries. Raw ingredient examinations, skin tolerance tests and efficacy studies are carried out on an ongoing basis.

  • Puran Formula Anti-Blemish Stick

    75% less sebum production after 28 days

  • Intense Moisture Formula

    48% increase of skin moisture after 28 days

  • Golden Caviar 24h Care

    10% improvement of skin elasticity after 28 days

  • Anti-Age Cell Formula Day Care - Dry Skin

    36% winkle reduction after 8 weeks

Never Ending Improvements

For over 60 years, we have been constantly updating our formulations to ensure our skincare products are always getting better.

  • France, 2004

    Diploma of Honor from the International Congress of Aesthetic for the Men Sensation series

  • Hong Kong, 2007

    Professional Anti-Aging Product Award for Special Care Defense Maximizer

  • USA, 2010

    LNE & Spa's 2010 Best Award for the Intense Moisture Formula series

  • Estonia, 2010

    Cosmopolitan Beauty Award for the Intense Moisture Formula series

  • Germany, 2012

    SPA Diamond Award for the Lotus & Science Moisturizing Fluid

  • Finland, 2016

    The Best of its Kind Award

A Focused Brand

Biodroga is a brand for everyone with a belief in true, authentic beauty. We have 2 separate lines with each serving a different purpose.

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    True Well-Being

    This line is about indulgence, relaxation and precious me-time. Products are developed to pamper the skin and the mind.

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  • Biodroga Medical Institute Logo

    True Performance

    This line uses power ingredients to target skin complications. Products are made extra clean for use on problematic skin.

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For True Beauty. Today & In The Future.