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Our Origins

Biodroga stands for comprehensive beauty know-how in high-performance cosmetics since 1959. At our headquarters in Baden-Baden, we unite cross-divisional inhouse expertise and a flexible sales structure with high quality standards across all production steps. Our partnership with the Black Forest Nature Park enables us to learn from nature and combine it with science in an intimate way.

Black Forest Nature Park

Neighbors With Nature

Baden-Baden is right next to the mystical Black Forest Nature Park – the largest nature park in Germany that is full of fascination, mysterious stories and legends. In some areas, trees, rocks, springs and lakes are said to possess wondrous, almost magical powers. Nature has developed an impressive landscape over millions of years whose archaic forces can still be felt today.

Free Tour

Our cosmeticians, partners and friends can expect short tours with a park guide at our events and training courses. This way they can discover the natural elements that power our products.

Elder, Fern & Moss

Biodroga makes impressive use of the special treasures that the Black Forest has to offer. Elder, harvested by ourselves, has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects which helps soothe, strengthen and heal stressed skin. Fern tones and calms the skin allowing it to regain its balance. Moss supports the skin’s protective functions and increases moisture so the skin can better adapt to climatic stress.

Biodroga Black Forest Spray & Model

Black Forest Complex

We harness the useful elements of elder, fern and moss to create the Black Forest Complex – a unique, exclusive blend that combines the primordial forces of nature to calm the skin and let it rest. This special compound, which is the basis of all Bioscience Institute products, provides the greatest effectiveness and absolute well-being.

Nature Is Our Best Friend

Baden-Baden has been a world-renowned spa city for almost 2000 years. Our products are inspired by our hometown and the nature that surrounds it.