True Well-Being

Biodroga Nature & Science Pic

Nature & Science

We unite nature and science in a very special way – for maximum effectiveness and absolute well-being. Biodroga Bioscience Institute stands for a strengthened skin feeling and moments of real beauty. Our raw materials are always based on the model of nature. In fact, a majority of our ingredients are of natural origin or derived through natural biological processes using the most up-to-date techniques.

Our formulas are based on natural and bioactive ingredients.

Sustainable Biotech

We use cutting edge methods to extract certain ingredients from plant-based raw materials and natural substances to produce specifically in cell cultures. Not only does this biotechnology offer the possibility of producing ingredients in a safe, responsible and sustainable manner but it also ensures consistent high quality.

Constantly Evolving

Since science is never at a standstill, we are actively using the latest biotech processes to achieve new dimensions in modern skin care.

Bioscience Institute Secret Ingredient

Our Secret

Every new product in the Bioscience Institute line contains our Black Forest Complex – a one-of-kind complex that unites the primal forces of nature to bring balance, relaxation, energy and youthful glow to your skin. It is a gift of pampering treatments to help you unwind by providing a feeling similar to taking a stroll through the peaceful Black Forest.


Perfectly tailored to the needs of your skin. For extraordinary care moments with a pampering factor.