Collection: 360° Lifting Foundation

Perfect complexion, perfect radiance, perfect self-confidence. Foundations nowadays are far more than just makeup – they are rightly regarded as smart all-rounders. It goes without saying that a Biodroga foundation not only needs to magically create a smooth, perfect complexion but also meet the same high standards as a skincare product – i.e. excellent compatibility, intensive conditioning and protective properties, and a wonderful texture that flatters the skin. The ideal foundation makeup matches one’s natural skin color perfectly and provides for a flawless complexion.

Black Forest Complex

This special compound consisting of elder, fern and moss brings balance and relaxation to the skin.

Bioscience Institute Collection Model Pic

Bioscience Institute

Nature and science in a unique symbiosis. Collections in this line utilizes natural and bioactive ingredients in the formulations.

True Well-being Model Pic

True Well-Being

Indulgence, relaxation and me-time. Bioscience Institute products are developed with the goal of making you look and feel great.