Collection: Ultimate Anti-Age

Ultimate Anti-Age works with the latest generation of active complexes inspired by epigenetics to counteract effectively various skin aging factors. The broad spectrum of active ingredients, with three bio peptides and extremely low molecular weight oligo-hyaluronic acid, forms the basis for fighting against the many signs of skin aging:

1) Clothide
Loss of Luminosity
Loss of Elasticity
Coarse Skin Structures
2) Pentalactin
Uneven Skin Tone
Reduced Skin Density
Accelerated Skin Aging
3) Tripeptide-5
Loss of Contour
Collagen Reduction
Lines & Wrinkles

Get a noticeably fresher and more vital skin appearance within just a few days of use.

Potent Acids

Specially selected acid enhances the effect of the integrated active ingredients for lasting results.

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Medical Institute

High-performance formulations for problematic skin. Collections in this line use power ingredients and acids to target skin complications.

True Performance

Optimal skin compatibility and maximum effects. Medical Institute products are exceptionally clean and results-oriented.