Biodroga Puran Formula Acno-Lift Cream 25+

Puran Formula Acno-Lift Cream 25+

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Puran Formula Acno-Lift Creme for blemished skin 25+ zeroes in on the needs of blemished skin in adults. The innovative formula provides intense nourishment and meets the specific needs of this skin type, making the complexion more even and balanced and leaving skin feeling good. It makes blemishes and impurities fade more quickly and prevents their formation by normalizing excessive sebum production in the skin. Helps counteract inflammatory processes and soothes redness. Improves and stabilizes the skin's ability to bind moisture, which gently firms lines and wrinkles. Helps protect against premature oxidative skin damage caused by sunlight to create a clear, even and balanced complexion, leaving the skin feeling sensational.

To Use: Apply evenly to cleansed skin in the morning and at bedtime and massage in gently.

Key Ingredients: Licorice Root Extract, Magnolia Grandiflora Bark Extract
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Suitable For: Impure Skin

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