Biodroga Luxurious Grape Energy Concentrate
Luxurious Grape Energy Concentrate - 7 Per Box

Luxurious Grape Energy Concentrate - 7 Per Box

  • $45.00

The luxurious grape energy concentrate works to invigorate and brighten tired and dull skin.This concentrate includes grape extract from champagne, the radical scavenger Omega-CH-Aktivator-F and a stimulating energy complex to awaken fatigued skin. Your skin will look radiant and fresh.

It is ideal in combination with the LUXURIOUS GRAPE Sheet Mask.

Use it  mornings and/or evenings. Apply to face, throat and décolleté and work in thoroughly. To  open the ampule use the enclosed ampule breaker or cover the neck of the ampule with a tissue and break it at the score line. 7 Ampoules are included in the boxed set. 

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