BiodrogaMD™ Scalp Shampoo Concentrate

BiodrogaMD™ Scalp Shampoo Concentrate

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BIODROGA MD HAIR FORCE Revitalizing Scalp Cleansing Concentrate was developed for preparatory cleansing of hair and scalp in androgenetic hair loss or in thinning hair. The special shampoo possesses revitalizing, soothing, protective, and hair-growth-stimulating properties. Wheat protein makes the hair supple and gives it strength. Silk protein has both film-creating (protective) and moisturizing properties. The formulation with the patented synthetic nature-identical thymic peptide library strengthens hair structure and hair texture, promotes hair quality, and protects the hair from damaging effects.

To use: Massage about 1.5 ml of shampoo into hair and scalp for one minute. Rinse thoroughly. Important: To achieve a visible effect, the shampoo should be used for at least three to six months, and every time the hair is washed.

**BIODROGA MD HAIR FORCE Revitalizing Scalp Cleansing Concentrate and Energizing Serum are complementary products and should always be used together for optimum effectiveness. It may, however, take several months before visible success occurs as a result of using BIODROGA MD HAIR FORCE hair products.

Key Ingredients: Peptide STPL II, Wheat protein, Silk protein

Size: 75 ml