Biodroga MD

Biodroga MD

For over 50 years, Biodroga has been known for its innovative products combining science & nature. BiodrogaMD™ takes the research a step further combining interdisciplinary work in the areas of dermatology, phytopharmacy, biotechnology & cosmetics. Outstanding skin compatibility is always a priority, and has been proven with dermatological tests. All products are free of MINERAL OIL, ARTIFICIAL EMULSIFERS, PEG, COLORANTS OR PARABENS. They only contain natural fragrance or none at all.


This 4 product line for a professional cleansing ritual that thicken skin with daily exfoliation for a more tolerant, healthy & prepared skin that will absorb the important ingredients of subsequent care.

•    Moisturizing Cleansing Milk
•    Refreshing Skin Lotion (toner)
•    Skin Refining Peel
•    Radiance Boost Gel


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Highly effective special products based on peptides, vitamins and natural ingredients: BIODROGA MD™ SKIN BOOSTER products have an ANTI-OXIDANT, FIRMING AND MOISTURIZING EFFECT. The skin appears smooth and as if plumped up from inside.

•    Firming Mask with Instant Effect
•    Face Pre-Care Fluid
•    Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate
•    Vitamin C Restructure 2-Phase Concentrate
•    Total Anti-Aging Serum
•    Instant Lift Serum
•    Intense Moisture Serum
•    Pore Refining Serum
•    Anti-UV Stress Serum
•    Anti-Pigment-Spot Serum


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Moisturizers that optimally deliver the ingredients into the skin – This is what you come to expect from a moisturizing skin care with a medical and dermatological background. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture and keeps in the skin, your expectations are met.

•    Perfect Hydration 24 Hour Care
•    Perfect Hydration Eye Care


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Using the latest knowledge from medicine and pharmacology and extensive research on peptides, this system utilizes PALMITOYL TRIPEPTIDE-5. It has a 2-fold anti-aging effect: The peptide complex improves the collagen synthesis and this protects against a premature collagen decrease. Small enough to deeply penetrate into the dermis skin layer, it improves skin’s strength and firmness.

•    Collagen Boost Day Care
•    Collagen Boost Night Care
•    Collagen Boost Eye Care


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Stress, environmentally-induced and genetic processes as well as plastic/esthetic surgery can impair the protective barrier and the skin becomes more sensitive. BIODROGA MD™ HYPER SENSITIVE pointedly supports skin restructuring and restores its natural balance.

•    Hypoallergen 24 Hour Care
•    Hypoallergen Eye & Lip Care
•    Hypoallergen Moisture Concentrate


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A well-balanced skin helps prevent breakouts & premature wrinkles. Even out your oily & combination skin with the Oil Control Matte Fluid for a flawless skin, all day long.

•    Oil Control Matte Fluid


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Support & rejuvenate hair growth on your scalp with HAIR FORCE and eyelashes and eyebrows with the LASH BOOSTER. These products utilize peptides and other active ingredients to boost hair thickness and growth by up to 98% in tests. For scalp hair growth, use both the Scalp Cleansing Concentrate and Energizing Serum to best results.

•    Scalp Cleansing Concentrate
•    Energizing Serum
•    Lash Boosting Serum


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