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Beautiful skin is the most perfect gift.
Learn about the many systems and treat yourself to beautiful skin.


Beautiful skin starts with a well-groomed, clean skin. Perfectly clean, balanced skin allows the precious ingredients in the subsequent care to penetrate deeper, giving you better results.

The first step toward well-groomed skin:
•    Milky Cleanser for normal skin
•    Cleansing Fluid for impure and oily skin
•    Cleansing Oil for sensitive and dry skin
•    Cleansing Foam for all skin types

To clarify skin after cleansing:
•    Skin Lotion Mild for dry and sensitive skin
•    Clarifying Lotion for impure, oily and combination skin
For regular in-depth cleansing:
•    Facial Exfoliator with AHA fruit acids
•    Facial Peeling -mild-
•    Micro-Dermabrasion Surface-Renewing Facial Exfoliator    
•    Eye Make up Remover Pads -oil-free-


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To purify & balance impure, blemished skin for a smooth, healthy complexion. For oily or dry skin, this system works to hydrate lower levels while balancing oil production in the top layers for a more normal skin. Anti-bacterial ingredients help to fight existing blemishes while preventing future breakouts.

•    24-hour Care for impure, dry skin
•    24-hour Care for impure, oily/combination skin
•    Tinted Day Creme sand touch
•    Tinted Day Creme honey touch
•    Anti-Blemish Creme
•    Anti-Blemish Stick
•    Acno-Lift Crème


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This long time, best selling system is the answer to tired, dull, lifeless skin. Active ingredients encourage intercellular oxygen exchange for a more vibrant complexion. Let your skin breath freely again!

•    Day and Night Care for dry skin
•    Day and Night Care for combination skin
•    24-hour Facial Fluid
•    Eye Care


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An award-winning revolution in moisture care. The innovative ingredients of the INTENSE MOISTURE FORMULA system stimulate the aquaporines within the skin. Aquaporines are proteins which form channels in the cell membrane and control the water transportation in the skin. The discovery of aquaporines was awarded in 2003 with the Nobel Prize. Simultaneously, our active ingredients increase moisture from the outside and protect the skin from moisture loss for the ultimate hydration care.

•    24h Care
•    24h Care for dry skin
•    Eye Care
•    Basic Moist Fluid


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The system for UV stressed skin. Experts say 70% of skin aging can be attributed to sun exposure. Repair + Cell Protection system helps repair existing damage, protect against future damage and fights free radicals that cause aging. Active ingredients also fight wrinkles for a smoother, younger looking skin.

•    Night Care
•    Eye Care
•    Facial Serum


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Tone & firm your skin, day after day! For the woman who is always on the go, this sporty & fresh pre-aging system  is the perfect way wake up your complexion. Skin care that keeps you looking young! Preserve your skin's brightness and a youthful appearance, today as well as in the future. Great for 30+.

•    24-hour Care
•    24-hour Care for dry skin
•    Refreshing Gel Concentrate
•    Refreshing Eye Fluid


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A luxurious pre-age line with precious caviar extract, essential vitamins and high quality minerals in the purest, most concentrated form. This system encourages skin renewal and skin’s own repair mechanisms are boosted for firmer skin and contours. Recommended for ages around 30+.

•    24-hour Care
•    24-hour Care dry skin
•    Pore-Refining Fluid
•    Eye Contour Fluid


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A spectacular anti-aging system based on the latest know-how with regard to skin stem cells and works where skin aging has its origin. Based on this innovative combination of apple stem cells and further, highly effective ingredients, this system offers a maximum anti-aging effect. Recommended for ages around 40+

•    Firming Day Care
•    Firming Day Care for dry skin
•    Firming Night Care
•    Firming Eye Care


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Gently melting skin care leaving a radiant complexion. This sophisticated skin care system combines precious caviar extract, which helps increase skin’s moisture levels and boosting cell renewal with the exotic dragon fruit extract, which in studies has shown to help increase the skin’s radiance. It’s synonymous with smooth, firm and radiant skin. Gentle textures in an indulgent, comforting anti-aging series offer to-die-for care to look forward to every day. Recommended for age around 40+.

•    Anti-Age Day Care
•    Anti-Age Night Care
•    Anti-Age Fluid
•    Anti-Age Eye Fluid
•    Anti-Age Line Filler


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For beauty and charisma at every age. This pampering care particularly developed for the needs of very mature skin offers unsurpassed care and comfort. It helps skin feel wonderfully supple and have a more radiant, firm and conditioned appearance. It helps regain density, elasticity and resilience. The delicate formula with the sensational scent virtually melts with the skin and imparts an instant sense of well-being.

•    Restoring Day Care for dry skin
•    Restoring Night Care
•    Restoring Facial Fluid
•    Restoring Eye Care


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Replenish skin with the perfection of the lotus flower.

The precious extract from the lotus flower is the core of LOTUS & SCIENCE. In conjunction with choice ingredient combinations, it provides for a sensational skin care success. The extraordinary care results were shown in a long-term efficiency test: After 6 months, an average reduction of wrinkle depth of 61%!

•    Anti-Age Day Care
•    Anti-Age Night Care
•    Anti-Age Eye Care
•    Moisturizing Fluid – Spa Diamond Award Winner!


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Multi-functional skincare for the highest demands! With effective ingredients from nature, perfectly combined with high-tech components this has all you need in one jar! The high concentration of ingredients in this luxurious formula imparts an incomparable skin feeling and care experience. Anti-aging, protection, repair, moisture, refining & conditioning all in one.

•    24 Hour Premium Care


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The SPECIAL CARE system offers the perfect collection of highly concentrated, special products for the individual skin demands you have.

•    Face Pre Care - Intensive AHA care to reduce fine lines and age spots.
•    Throat- and décolleté Treatment - Firms and fortifies the skin, improves tissue-supporting strength.
•    Hand Treatment – rich & pampering for hands and feet


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Adding a facial mask to your routine 1-3 times a week for a quick, intensive and lasting effects. Highly concentrated key active ingredients quickly solve skin problems and improve the complexion over the long term with regular use. These also help to maintain the work of your esthetician, for longer results!

•    Power Moist Mask - Moisturizing
•    Vitamin Honey Mask - Extra-rich, extra-pampering
•    Deep Cleansing Mask - Clarifying
•    Anti-Age Cell Mask - Firming, cell-regenerating


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This system, optimally conditions male skin after shaving while also focusing on keeping the skin looking and feeling younger. The non-oily products are rapidly absorbed, their application is easy and they leave a fresh, balanced and conditioned look.

•    After Shave Balsam
•    24-h Moisturizing Fluid
•    Anti-Age 24-h Care


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Perfect makeup for a velvety, silky complexion. Creamy-soft or sheer fluid - the TEINT series is a high-performance combination of conditioning substances and effective ingredients.  With light protection filters to protect from light-induced skin aging.

•    Liquid Make up – With medium coverage, to mask blemishes and impurities. 4 shades
•    Mineral Make up – A light, creamy mineral foundation. 4 shades


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Pamper and refresh your skin with the wonderful textures and scents from SPA SENSATION BODY.

•    Salt Scrub
•    Daily Body Moisturizer
•    Anti-Cellulite Cream
•    Rich Body Cream


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