Biodroga Energize & Perfect Gift Set

Energize & Perfect Gift Set

  • $69.00

This gift set says "You are perfect".

Energize & Perfect 24h Care - Normal Skin

Silky, delicate cream that activates skin cell metabolism and the skin's microcirculation. Light-reflecting pigments immediately boost the skin's appearance, reduces signs of fatigued skin and augments the skin's tone and vitality. Gently stimulates "tired" skin cells, firms and smoothes the skin and gives the skin a relaxed and radiant appearance. Ideally suited for normal skin and under makeup.

Key Ingredients: Green Coffee, Vitamin E, Matrix peptides, Fucogel® Light reflecting pigments

To Use: Apply to face morning and evening and massage in gently.

Energize & Perfect Refreshing Eye Fluid

A refreshing fluid that refreshes the delicate eye area, giving it new energy, intensively combats unwanted signs of strain, fatigue and stress. Alleviates under-eye circles, puffiness and water retention in the eye area and prevents recurrence. Encourages lymphatic drainage in the eye area with gentle stimuli and stimulates "fatigued" skin cells and makes the eye area radiant. Gives the skin a relaxed appearance. Suitable for all skin types.

Key Ingredients: Green coffee, Matrix peptides, Beautifeye, codiavelane, Light-reflecting pigments

To Use: Apply to cleansed skin around the eye area and pat in gently using fingertips. Roll applicator ball over eye area without exerting pressure. Shake before use.

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