BiodrogaMD™ Cleansing - Anti-Tox Thermo Peeling

BiodrogaMD™ Cleansing - Anti-Tox Thermo Peeling

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With a perfect combination of detoxifying and warming ingredients, Anti-Tox Thermo-Peeling can assist in relieving the skin of harmful toxins through deep cleansing. When applied to skin, this unique peeling creates a pleasant warming effect where heat dilates the pores, improves skin's micro-circulation and supports skin's regeneration processes. Fine silica peeling grains thoroughly remove dirt and makeup residues as well as dead skin flakes.

Usage: Apply to cleansed skin avoiding the eye area. Let it take effect for 2 to 3 minutes. Exfoliate with moistened fingers. Rinse off thoroughly and apply skincare.

Key Ingredients: Thermo-Agent, Bamboo, Avocado Oil
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Suitable For: All Skin Types

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